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Complete Guide To Applying To Car Design Masters Abroad

The Master of Design (MDes) in Automotives is a postgraduate-level degree in the field of design, awarded by higher education institutions around the world. The field of design is of course constantly changing, and careers in car design typically call for a combination of personal creativity with professional skills such as project management.

Completing a Master of Design in car designing program can help you develop in-depth knowledge of the significance of vehicle design in the modern world. Automotive design affects not only the way we travel but also connects to us in a cultural, emotional and social level.

Moreover, Automotive and transportation design courses will allow you to collaborate with other creative types, such as fine artists or filmmakers. You will also have the opportunity to amplify your portfolio and extend your network in the industry.

M.Des in car design has a strong focus on the application of artistic and computer-aided design skills to the interpretation of commercial and technical information for the public. Compared to design courses at the undergraduate level, this graduate qualification offers the opportunity to focus on more complex Car design principles and the processes that bring them to life.

Graduates with a Master of Design should be well-equipped to interpret cultural, emotional and societal needs and trends, in order to develop the most appropriate formats, designs and multimedia to achieve a desired sensation or function to the car. 


Although opportunities in India for car designers is increasing day by day, still studying abroad is preferred by many. There are a plethora of colleges outside India that provide some of the highest quality education in the field of Car design.

Here are some colleges that may be the best for your requirement:

 Royal College of Art, London, UK

Royal College of Art, as the name implies, is indeed a prestigious institution that has an acceptance rate of just 16%, which makes it one of the toughest design schools to get into.

It is located in London, England, UK and offers only Master and Research programs in Design. Among the long list of notable alumni, Ian Callum, the current Director of Design for Jaguar Cars and Peter Stevens, UK’s best known vehicle designer stand high and unique. Mr Pratap Bose, Head of Design, Tata Motors is also an alumnus of this college.

Art Center College of Design, California, USA

Located in Pasadena, California, United States, Art Center College of Design has probably made it to every Top 10 list as such. The school has an acceptance rate of 63%, offers Graduate and Undergraduate programs in Design and ensures to provide some kind of financial aid to most of its students. Chris Bangle, former Chief of Design for BMW and Dilip Chhabria, famed Indian transportation designer are few of the notable alumni of this private institution.

 College for Creative Studies, Detroit, USA

Coming back to the United States, College for Creative Studies is a private, fully accredited design school located in Detroit, Michigan, US. This design institute has an acceptance rating of 42%, thus making it another design school in this list that’s really hard to get into.

It offers Bachelor and Master programs in Design and is known for its beneficial financial aids for both domestic and international students. Ralph Gilles, known for his designs at Chrysler is a notable alumnus of this design school.

There is a whole lot more college to explore than what is mentioned above. Access the top 10 colleges to study M.Des in car design here


  1. Bachelors in Arts degree

  2. CV/Resume

  3. Proficiency in English: TOFEL or IELTS or C1/C2 Advanced (USA) or PTE(UK)

  4. UG degree in design or any other parallel degree.

  5. Letter Of Recommendation (LOR)

Course Fee

Studying abroad may seem expensive but it’s totally worth it. Moreover, scholarships and student loan facilities often take care of the financials. Here is a list of somewhat average expenditure for abroad studies:

  1. United Kingdoms(UK) – $15,000 – $30,240

  2. United States of America (USA) – $10,000 – $25,000

  3. Canada – $9000 – $19,000


All through its totally up to you to pick and choose what and how you wish to pursue your career in Car design, we have some suggestions that might help you :

  1. Practice sketching daily.

  2. Keep up to date with design news

  3. Practice design thinking.

  4. Build a strong portfolio. You can join online diploma courses to hone your abilities and guarantee your admission in top colleges abroad.

  5. Showcase your designing abilities and gain feedback.

Masters in Design For automobile has seen a dramatic increase in demand since the last few decades. This is pretty much bound to keep on increasing over the coming years, as automobile & Transportation design has changed its face, from being a luxury demand to a necessity.

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